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JAZZCATS: a Costa Blanca North network of (mostly jazz influenced) musicians who play a cool mix of jazz, bebop, bossa nova, fusion, smooth jazz, latin, soul and reggae at lower volume levels, perfect for a bar or restaurant. We can play as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet, depending on the venue and the requirements.

Any combination of musicians in our network is possible, depending on what the customer wants, the budget and the availability of the musicians. Some of the musicians in our network: Jeffrey Schuth (saxophone and flute), Jon Turner (keyboards), Jan Schop (drums), David Bellingham (vocals and keyboards), Rowdy Willemsen (bass), Robert Lagoa (percussion) and many more...

Please contact us for more information.

This website is an initiative by Rudy Maarsman (guitarist, pianist and bassist) in an effort to promote live music in the above-mentioned styles on the Costa Blanca North in Spain.

Please also check out the RECORDINGS section for Rudy's solo projects.

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if you need any support for my products
(Music Downloads, Download Cards, the JAZZ IT UP e-book),
please go to the CONTACT US page and send me a message.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you purchased a DOWNLOAD CARD at one of our gigs, thanks again!!
Download Card Instructions: 
1. On this site, go to STORE--->RECORDINGS FOR SALE;
2. Choose your preferred format (ITunes or mp3) for the SABOR album;
3. Click ADD TO CART; then click on MAKE AN ORDER;
4. In the COMPLETE ORDER screen, enter your correct email and your name;
5. Click on ADD COUPON and fill in the code on the sticker of your Download Card. (e.g 123456RM)
6. Now click on SAVE AND CONTINUE
The music files will now be sent to the email address that you entered and you can download them from there by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.
Clear? It's really easy! Now go to RECORDINGS FOR SALE to start the process and get your music files!


PLEASE NOTE: The number of downloads possible with your code is restricted and there is an expiry date to prevent misuse, so please download at your earliest convenience.If you experience any problems, just let me know by clicking CONTACT US.

Check our other recording projects / videos:

Jazz Cats with Frank Abrams (RIP) and Rudy Maarsman: 

Jazzy Criminals, a fun and slightly weird recording project using a mix of sampled loops and guitars, bass and keys with my friends guitarist Rob Hoogkamer and sound engineer Sander Bos: 


Rudy's solo recordings can be found in the STORE on this site. An excerpt can be found on this site: https://www.jazzcats.org/music-player and on YouTube: https://youtu.be/vy0vKWKSc5U

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