Here is my ode to the great jazz guitarist and composer Pat Martino (1944-2021). I was fortunate to see him play twice and he made a lasting impression; it was all very inspiring. In 1980, Pat suffered a near-fatal seizure and after having surgery, he was left with amnesia and did not recollect how to play his guitar! He had to completely re-learn how to play and in my opinion, played even better than before - an incredible feat! He was truly a master and my favorite jazz guitarist (along with Wes Montgomery and George Benson). Here is our version of his composition Lean Years. Guitars and Organ: Rudy Maarsman; Drums: Ulysses Owens. This track is free but please buy any of Pat Martino's recordings and/or his Linear Expressions book. A big thanks to Sander Bos for mixing this recording. When you have completed the ordering process, check your email to download the track. It's easy!